Monday, June 1, 2009

Vancouver Photos

This photo sort of shows how steep the climb was this morning. The rest of the photos are a bit boring, but they show the beach at the end of my road, the view from my hotel balcony (tall buildings, some sea, mountains with snow). The other photo is of Richard (from Kaiapoi) and Sharon (Welshwoman from Howick). We had a kebab on the beach at 9.30pm after the conference opening.

I'm a bit worried about the number of presenters here compared with the number of attendees!


Megan said...

Does that mean there are more presenters than attendees, or loads more attendees than you were expecting??!

Maurie said...

In was worried about number of attendees, but after first day my concerns have been put to rest.

Lea said...

Glad to hear you've arrived in one piece and have managed to fit in a bit of 'fun'. Good luck with the presenting.

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