Monday, February 9, 2009

Redwoods Again

We've just had another outstanding day at the Redwoods. Leigh, me and Lucy met Hedley and Teleri and Marg at the Boss' and we setoff for Rotorua after some pretty horrible coffee! There we met Hilton, Matthew and Linzi and we headed into the tracks.

Leigh and Marg did their own thing and we lost Lyndsay. After hitting Tahi, Creek and Mad Not To we climbed up Hill Rd where we picked up Sarah. After a very hot climb we tackled frontal lobotomy and found ourself at the start of the National Downhill where Hilton was photographed in the starting chute!

We had an awesome ride down Billy T before climbing Hill Rd again to take on The Corners. This is the best track in the world! All downhill with dozens of beautiful berms. Unfortunately Sarah's seat couldn't cope and blew apart!

We dragged ourselves along Spring Roll and Sweet n Sour before plummeting down the awesome Mad If We Don't. We then hit the Dipper which is a great track to finish on, though a few got lost.

At the carpark we dined on watermelon and muffins.

Just over 4 hours of mtbing! A perfect day apart from the branch that gouged my arm on the third track.


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