Thursday, May 1, 2008

Training Continues

The thing about adventure race training is that you do something different every day.

On Tuesday night a largish group of us headed up Prentice's Hill. At the top a group headed on to the trig whike Barry, Trevor, Hedley and I headed back down and climbed near to the top again before meeting the rest of the group. This was a tough night for me so soon after Sunday, but the others seem to cope with it with ease.

Earlier in the afternoon Kurt, Lea and I had paddled around Ohiwa harbour (or was that the day before?)

It was great to have Wednesday off.

Today Lea, Trevor and I paddled for just over an hour in the Opotiki Harbour then met up with Barry for a night MTB down and up Old Creamery, down Verra;s and past Waiotahe school, up Brown's Rd and Verrals, back down and up Old Creamery and back to Barry's.

Riding in the dark was quite different and I'm glad we practised as I have to stop my lamp from sliding over my eyes. On the first time down Old Creamery I hit a possum on my bike. I thought I had only run over its back legs but it was buggared so when Barry went past he hit it with a fence post to put it out of its misery.

These are all portents, because our team is the Opotiki Opossums and in Possum folklore despatching a possum 9 days before an event is a good omen.

Go the Possums!

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Rachael said...

Go the possums alright, I'm just exhausted reading what you lot have been up to for training!!