Sunday, August 19, 2007

Back On Track

I am sure you have been worried about the long period of silence but minor anal !!!! surgery kept me out of the saddle for a few weeks. You will be pleased to know that the rules committee met and allowed 20 minutes of weights to count as exercise in my attempt to not miss a day. As a result today was the 126th day in a row!!!

This weekend had been full of highlights. Lea spent more on her Mountain Bike than most of us spend on a car. Got a great deal from Hickey's so all you Opotiki people make sure you see them when you want to buy.

Today we had a big crew go MTB up the Motu. The Boss, Peter (newby) and myself turned around at the top of the Meremere and had a solid 52k ride - taking 36 minutes to climb the hill which is my fastest for a while. I'll let you know how my bum is in the morning. Lea, Brian, George, Barry and Destry carried on to top of Papamoa (George turned around early as he had a paddle date). Good 65-70k ride for them.

Yesterday was the working bee on the track. It was amazing the number of good excuses that came out today! However, Jarred, Kate and Lyn and I worked like Trojans and have completed the full circuit. It will still need manicuring to make some corners rideable etc but the back has been well and truly broken!After a half dozen beers to refresh Jarred decided to ride it in the rain, on soft dirt etc and made the whole thing apart from 3 corners which I will work on. See him in action in these pictures. Jarred, Kate and Lyn have life-time exemptions from the gold coin koha box to enable all you other buggers to ride.


Ariadne aka Marilyn said...

The action shot of Jarred looks fantastic on my new wide screen Maurie. Got a good view of Lee's mean machine too.

Jarrod said...

where are the rest of the photos, i want to see lea's new bike!!
My name is spelt with an 'o'. I endeaver to get your fella's names right. I expect the same in return