Friday, June 8, 2007

Hopeful in Houpoto

On Queen's Birthday Monday myself, the Boss, Jarred, Mike, Roger went with Lea on a 3 hour MTB ride through the Houpoto which she organised. We were given clear instructions by Pete and had 2 maps and 2 expert navigators in Jarrod and Roger. Look at the track in the photo! We got lost and ended up on the banks of the Motu River and had to retrace our steps for 1 1/2 hours back up hill through the slips and windfall we had encountered on the way down. The whole event took 8 hours! We ran out of food but Lea got a Snickers Bar and Ham Roll off Jarrod when he went ahead to let everyone know we were OK and she ate it all herself despite the boss and I carrying her bike across the big slip.

Unfortunately I had 3 nasty falls on the same hip, elbow and shoulder!

It was a great adventure but we really needed our BBQ lunch back at the Maraenui clubhouse. Unfortunately we didn't get lunch until 4.30!

Have a look at the photos which show the magnificent view over Hawai early on in the ride, the chaps carefully navigating, climbing huge hills and scrambling over trees and slips. It was nice to see the Motu but not so nice to leave and climb back out.


Jarrod said...

Man I've been waiting all week to see what you had to say about our adventure.
But first if you see the boss (andrew) ask him if the latest recall on Cannondale's applies to him. View it at

Secondly, fantastic photography. After my complaint last week you've really stepped up a level. Hell, i'll go as far as saying to the top level of MTB photography.

Third, what an adventure it was aye!! Lucky I brought some food to feed you lot. All I ate during the ride was a total of two snickers bars.

After viewing the satallite images of the area I'm really keen to go in there again sometime. This time we wont leave it up to the McGee's to tell us where to go.

Anonymous said...

Hi Maurie
I see you have our Year 11 blog site linked thanks. Young Enterprise is really working out well maybe some of your readers would like to see what they are all about too:

I always enjoy finding out how the the other (more physically fit) half of the world enjoy their spare time!