Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Te Waiti Wetting

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Hello readers! I know you have been missing me, but I have had to punish you with silence because you are not writing comments to my blogs!

Never mind, we had a great ride (ten of us) up to the Te Waiti Hut on Sunday. The highlight was Dr Kerr taking a plunge into the stream. See the rest of the photos for the rest of the action.

The boss was on his new single fork Canondale!

We coped well with the quite technical in places terrain. Lea was a bit of a whimp and walked a bit.

I had the most spectaculat fall over a cliff only being saved by some bracken fern where I hung until a laughing Ross pulled me and my bike back on to the track.

We were joined by first timers Karl and Jane who performed way too well and need to know their place.

The race back down the Otara Straight was pretty quick with Jarrod barely hanging on to the old fellas.


Ariadne aka Marilyn said...

Maurie why do you do this to me. This is no way to treat your Mama. No blog for weeks & then I read about you hanging off another bloody cliff. Not good enough.

Anonymous said...

It's a bit hard for Lea to ride when those in front of her are walking...

Mountainbike Rescue said...

Marilyn,it may be of some comfort to you to know that when Maurie was clutching at the fern down the side of the cliff he was thinking of you.I clearly heard him calling for his Mama!

Your daddy!!! said...

Apart from the group photo, the one where the Doc is in the drink and the Beautiful single track on the way to Te Waiti photo, the rest a just.....not very good. That one with you Maurie in the beautiful single track is a really nice one. Good 60km ride from Woodlands rd. Your rite, there was no way i was able to hang on to those turning 50 very shortly. That man was impressive. Na...sorry guys for taking it too easy. Next time make sure the camera has charged batteries. I actually fell on the same boardwalk as you Maurie, heading up to the hut, walking across and slipped but managed to let go of my bike, throwing it against the bank then latching on to the boardwalk so there was no bloody mess like you. I suppose it helps when my hand/foot eye co-ordination is 78% better than yours. Very impressed with new comer Jane's performance, 54% better than all of you lads. Lea no excuse. 100% effort, 100% of the time. Kurt, face it. Jane was just the better rider on the day. Nothing wrong with your bike, sick of your poor excuses. Andrew, your more reliable when it comes to the photography, bring your camera next time. I know you took some of the wobbly photos, but we'll have to let you of as Maurie has it set on the wobbly setting.
Thats enough from me!!!